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Dog Walker



Hurricane Iwa blew through her training course. Like her name, she was as wild as they come; Play biting, excessive barking, pulling and jumping. She did it all, now the storm has been calmed. Interested? Call or text (808)756-4912


Introducing Icicle, a rescue with @alohailiorescue out on an adventure. She happens to be very shy, but does great with other dogs and select people. If you’re interested in adopting please contact aloha ilio for more information. 

Bear, Murphy & Bailey

We had the pleasure to work with three different doggos! They definitely kept us busy and we overcame many challenges together. ⠀


Here we have Leo two weeks later. He’s doing a great job at controlling his impulses. We’re so proud of you Leo! Interested? Call or text (808)756-4912 for more info!


Huxley now has manners when meeting new people. Here for our 2 week basic boarding and training program. Interested? Call or text (808) 756-4912


Once reactive to dogs smaller than her, Maile now understands how to play nice. Check out her progress! Advanced training available using long line and E-collar. Call or text (808)756-4912


Redd stuck between bite or bark he now has learned there’s a third option. Used to be aggressive out of fear and lack of socializing. Check out his progress! Advanced training available using long line and E collar. Interested? Call or text (808)756-4912


Murphy has completed his basic obedience program! It was great to have spent these two weeks with you and to see how much you've grown!


Beth and Leila’s first lesson in public. Interested? Call or text (808)756-4912 for more information.


This video was meant to be posted awhile ago, but the original was too long for Instagram. If you like this, check out the full video on my Facebook page. Here’s a video of happy boy bro and his progress with us. Interested? Call or text (808)756-4912 

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